We met Saskia when I was 7 months pregnant, she explained me that I should communicate with our cat George and explain to him that we were expecting a baby. At first I felt a bit silly talking to a cat and telling him the big news, but seeing the change in his behavior was amazing. As soon as I told him he became much more gentle and carring towards me. He started coming to me for cuddles everytime I had to lay down, and was a great support for me at that time. 

When Masha was born, he was very gentle to her as well. He would come to her to smell her and trying to cuddle and spending most of the time when she was alone in the room with her, looking at her and making sure she was alright. 

However I had an issue with him going into her bed when she was not in it. That is when I asked Saskia to communicate with him and ask him not to do that anymore because it was a big issue for me. And after their conversation he never went in her bed anymore! 

Having Saskia help me communicate with George allowed us the have a deeper and meaningful relationgship. Thanks to her help he had a very beautiful part in my pregnancy and became a gentle and caring companion in Masha’s upbringing.

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